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"UNTIL THE NEXT TIME is a taut suspense novel, a history lesson on a peopleís enduring struggle, and a chronicle of a star-crossed pairís everlasting love. Fox has combined these elements, along with a dash of the mystical, to create a rare and wonderful story, that continues far beyond the last page."
~ Sandra Brown New York Times bestselling author of Unspeakable, Fat Tuesday, and Exclusive

"Epic, riveting, and bold, UNTIL THE NEXT TIME is the rare debut novel that makes your heart race. Kevin Fox has crafted a tautly paced thriller melded to a love story that transcends time. What begins as a young man's attempt to unearth the secrets of his uncle's murder quickly evolves into a page-turner that glints with ulterior life, where strands of ancient myth and the brutal events of recent Irish history are woven into a spellbinding tale of fate, kinship, and desire. UNTIL THE NEXT TIME has the dark, evocative intensity of the best Irish fiction but this debut is an originaló exquisitely rendered, impossible to put down."
~ Dawn Tripp, author of Game of Secrets
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