Graphic Novel
Ward 6Ward 6
Authored by Kevin Fox

Ward 6 is a thriller set in a psychiatric hospital where five genius-level patients are kept and used to solve complex problems, their own identities hidden from them. EJ Feddes summed it up well on Spunkybean when he said:

"The inmates have knowledge, but no personal information. They can solve complex logic problems, but have no idea who they are. They are somehow valuable to their keepers, and they have no idea why. And the complications keep on coming one of them dies, and then later returns to the group in perfect health and with his memory freshly reset.

This is really fantastic there's this great paranoid vibe, and it's just maddening. Whenever the inmates make any progress, they end up back at the starting point. Even if they manage to leave some information behind, it's incomprehensible to them after their reset.... Ward 6 is terrific. It's dark, complicated, and deeply satisfying. I loved it and highly recommend it."

Please, if you're interested, read the full review at Spunkybean, using the link above.

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