Q&A with Kevin Fox
You are a full-time writer and producer for TV series, most recently the Fox TV series Lie to Me. Clearly you love writing. How are you able to write both for work and fun?
I'm sure a few years of therapy might answer it more accurately than I can answer it here, but the short answer is fairly simple: Everything, including our lives, as Anne points out in the book, is just a story "in the mind of God."

What better way to live a varied and interesting life than to research and invent characters and places? I have the unique opportunity to create worlds that I would like to live in and explore without actually going through the trouble of changing the one I was born into.

There is a definite cinematic feel to the novel. If your book is made into a movie, which actors could you see playing the main characters Sean and Michael?
As a screenwriter and producer, I might answer that question very differently than I would as an audience member. I would also answer it differently from an authentic Irish perspective as opposed to a Hollywood financial perspective. Fortunately, Michael and Sean can be Irish-American, so Hollywood can have their stars in those roles without losing credibility. The best possible version I can think of at this moment, that combines the ability of the actors, authenticity, and bankability would be: as Michael, either Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio, as both can pull off Irish looks and the inherent leading man/New York cop attitude; Sean, being the younger role, is a bit more difficult, but obviously Daniel Radcliffe can both act and draw a crowd, and Skander Keynes and William Mosley convey the right combination of na´ve vulnerability and idealism.

What do you hope readers will take away from Until the Next Time?
I truly hope that anything I write, especially Until the Next Time, will make people think, question their underlying beliefs, and develop a perspective on the way they live that is not fundamentally rigid. I would hope to open their eyes to the inherent mystery and beauty that surrounds us every day but we often don't notice, focused as we are on this one moment in time. As this may be asking for a bit much from most readers, I'd be satisfied if they take away enough enjoyment to recommend it to others and to re-read the novel in order to find the other layers and themes that I tried to establish. If they can see the novel itself as a literary "Celtic knot" and unravel it strand by strand, following where they lead, to other works, ideas, and philosophies, I would be more than satisfied. <next page>
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